“Only What You Take With You”

My friend and colleague, Gerard, from TAOSWF, wrote a great article about the hate that has been spreading among the Star Wars fandom over the last several years. I’d like to add a few more thoughts and possible motivations for such behaviors.  I’ve loved Star Wars since the very beginning and it perplexes me to see something so awesome sabotaged by a few twisted jerks.


The problem with this whole things is mentality by some that they are entitled and have taken some bizarre ownership. They feel they can impose rules; the creator should have done this, not done that… The ego of a fan has taken over and spilled into how they react as “fan.” Not to mention the instantaneous, gimme, gimme now culture and the ability to say whatever vile thing they want and not face any repercussions is a factor as well.

Lucas and now Lucasfilm will do what they want; I think they know how to make movies instead of taking notes and cues from the self-centered crowed who have no idea what it takes to write or produce a movie, let alone one as huge as Star Wars.

*Pushes glasses up on nose* Also this comes down to not knowing how to critique a film and art in general. I often hear, “opinions can’t be wrong-” yes they can. When someone says, “I hate Mary Poppins, because she speaks Japanese,” that is wrong. In order to judge art correctly, one must be somewhat knowledgeable of what is the intent. The artists obligation is convey that intent. A movie about a bank robbery had best tell that story, and not a story about an old man stuck in traffic.

As a fan, viewer, observer; our only obligation is to pay attention and be fair. We can not impose rules, take ownership, deny the artist the proper kudos. Opinions on films can be wrong, if you don’t remove the ego. When you state ‘ITS the worst thing ever and all of those fans who like it are mental defects‘, (paraphrasing Simon Pegg) You are wrong. Its not about you, your opinion begins and ends with “I didn’t like it because….” That’s how you criticize art- no one but you knows how said art affects you. No one can dispute that, but when someone starts making things up that never happened, (red letter media and their Ep 1 commentary videos for example complain about things that didn’t happen in the plot), castigating those who do like it, dismissing the filmmaker for not following capricious rules, then your opinion is not only wrong, but has no credibility. I’ve always felt, there is an responsibility to being a fan, like knowing the material as best I can, keeping up on the latest happenings, if any, and just sharing knowledge with other fans. Claiming to be a fan is not enough. Know the history and its origins. I sure as heck don’t sit around and incessantly bash, pick apart, denigrate and lament better days. The first time Star Wars pisses me off and depresses me, I’m gone. I certainly wont join Facebook groups, claim I love it and then vomit all over it like Regan and her pea soup.


Imagine these types of people in a restaurant; they are served a lousy dinner, they are over charged, it makes them sick- but they say- ITS OUR FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT!

Does an Atheist go to church? Does a Jew go to Mosque? See what I mean? It’s no different.

You don’t bash and claim to be a fan.

On the other hand, If their work does not work for you, state it as such, but be honest and don’t take it personal, don’t call him/her filthy names and don’t continue to rag and rage on them for the next twenty years after the fact. Remove the ego- it’s not about you.

The prequel haters showed they are bit parasitic and have no dignity in this regard; no ability to adapt or move on, no ability to reason, But most important, no Star Wars knowledge and no ability to properly critique….

I’ve often been attacked for liking the Star Wars prequels; an apologist, although how one can be an apologist to art makes zero sense. When I do defend, my intelligence is questioned; I have two Bachelor degrees and an Associate, I’m doing alright in that department and lastly, my taste is questioned since, (sarcasm) of course they are horrible movies on every level. Again, I’m alright in that department as well as I have a collection upwards of 3,000 movies and counting, of all kinds of genres and spread across the decades; Scorsese, Kurosawa, Hitchcock…. So that leaves us with the ignorant stumps who bring their glitches and their inability to communicate with the art and with other fans.

Let me stress this- I’m not saying anyone is wrong for disliking the prequels, I’ve known plenty who stated their case and moved on… this is aimed at those who refuse to accept reality; who bash Lucas, Disney and still feel butt hurt over Jar Jar and learn to accept that they are not universally hated- a small minority has become too loud and now its time to accentuate the positive.

As Yoda said to Luke as he prepares to enter the mysterious Dagobah cave- “Weapons you will not need them. Only what you take you with you.” Luke took his light saber and his worst fears imaginable played out in front of him.

There are no universal rules of badness or a cabal of snooty intelligentsia who get to deem the prequels BAD as some like to suggest.

Guess what, they have their fans….. and here we are!

Find your joy! Leave behind that which bothers you….

Luminous beings are we. Evolve or go away.



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