Laying my Plagueis hopes to rest, mostly.

Some speculation…thoughts to ponder…

At this point, I would say there is maybe a 20% chance that Plagueis is Snoke. By that, I mean that is the chance that Lucasfilm repurposed a good portion of Palgueis’s story and repurposed it to be Snoke. Then there is the 80% chance that Snoke is all new and will have a new plot line. He is a mystery, that is for sure, and that mystery won’t be solved until towards the end of the trilogy, I would think. Not know details is great, it builds mystery. Is Snoke really Rey’s father, who knows? Can’t say it isn’t true because we know so little of the lineage of Snoke and Rey, and I say that is a great thing.   I have nothing more to say about this. Perhaps I’ll have more crazy theories on Snoke soon.  Btw, my favorite crazy theory is that Snoke is Tarkin’s spirit reincarnated…because that makes sense.  It’s Star Wars, it doesn’t have to make sense!


Alex Chellberg, TGR Writer



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