Rogue One – This Is Not Your Father’s Star Wars

star-wars-rogue-one-battle-art1977 seems like a lifetime ago.  I was was watching the bonus features for The Force Awakens digital release yesterday.  Carrie Fisher, always witty and funny, says “Really? We waited this long? I looked better like 10 years ago, we could have done it then.”

All the “Legacy” actors were, at first, sceptical about continuing the Star Wars saga and that they should even be involved.  I, as a First Generation fan, was is disbelief.  I am old and crusty now and so are the actors that played the heroes of my youth.  As the incomparable Carrie Fisher has said; “Some of us age better than others.”  I loved her performance in The Force Awakens by the way.

The Force Awakens did an excellent job of marrying the past with the present.  I did not expect to see things the way George Lucas did them.  I was happy and ready to jump into the next generation.  It saddens me to think that some of the fan base is lost because they can’t let go of the past and embrace the future.  As much as we fans love the OT, EU and the Prequels, Star Wars is headed into new territory, gaining new fans and looking better than I could ever imagine

Star Wars is that galaxy far, far away that I love to escape to.  With new writers, directors, composers and technology it never looked better.  Star Wars The Force Awakens is nostalgic, a nod to the past and a passing of the torch.  I cried when I saw the trailer.  We all cried when Han said; “Chewie, we’re home.”  We cried because we never thought we would see more Star Wars on the big screen.  We cried because Chewie’s death was made null and void by the erasure of EU as cannon.  We cried because we love Star Wars.

Star Wars took my breath away in 1977 and the Rogue One Teaser Trailer had me breathless. I can’t wait to see the iconic images, vehicles, ships and characters in the light of a new generation.  I can’t wait to see new character adventures that will soon be legends in their own time.  Rogue One is going to be Star Wars in every sense of the word.  I think Rogue One, a Star Wars Story, is going to blow my mind.

Hugs and May the Force be with you

Red 5 Mom standing by.


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