Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Well that was fun. The trailer to Rogue One nearly split the internet in half due to the glorious display.


Most people just see it as a yet another SW entry, but this is different, this is a new arena for the saga. This will be the first official canon adventure that has no Skywalkers, no Jedi, and no Force users most likely. There is a reason why this is being released before the Han Solo movie. As the first of many anthology stories, R1 is setting up the place for any type of story to be told. Anything Star Wars related will fall under this umbrella and hopefully Lucasfilm will take advantage of the wide berth they have created.


Han Solo and Boba Fett stories are in the works. Not sure about the former, seems a bit dangerous to touch him, but the later could work out great. You begin the movie with him crawling from the Sarlaac pit…. like Judge Dredd, never remove his helmet. He can become a mysterious figure, despite us knowing his clone origins.

I’m sure I’m not the only one mouthwatering at a Bounty Hunter movie- Zuckuss, 4-LOM, (and their wacky misadventures of switching identities- hard core collector fans will get that joke!) go back in time and do some Knights of the Old Republic and let us see the Jedi as true heroes and not the complacent morons Anakin had to deal with.

The former artist known as EU showed that even the most obscure characters could carry a story. Not all of them are film worthy; not sure how you give GONK: A Droid’s Choice, a compelling 90 minutes but there’s tons of material there.

Three eras to plunder from; Old Republic aka- Prequel era (Prequel Trilogy) and the Civil War era (Original trilogy), and the New Republic, Sequel era – post “Return of the Jedi”


Obi Wan Kenobi had some down time, we still aren’t quite sure how he filled it while watching over kid Luke. Actor Ewan McGregor has expressed many times over the last few years, he’d love to return to the robes and play Kenobi again. Absolutely no reason for him not to; there’s nothing to say he spent all of his 19 years in the desert. If he did, then bring the drama to him. Tatooine is big, lots of cities to travel to and hide in. If they were asking me, I’d say borrow heavily from “The Magnificent Seven” and pair him up with some new and old friends. Not all of the Jedi were killed off, show some survivors. Show them as reluctant heroes not willing to get involved in local problems. Some spaghetti westerns visuals, Jedi Fu, Lightsaber Fu = box office Fu!


Wedge Antilles emerged as one of the most popular supporting characters. Let’s see a Rogue Squadron with X-Wings doing missions of daring do. Interested if their original title of “Rogue Squadron” is tied into “Rogue One”; the origins perhaps? Loads of books were written on these kids, plenty of material to make some excellent cinematic eye candy.


Jabba the Hutt was always a favorite of mine. He and his weirdo family got some great episodes on Clone Wars series. His Uncle Ziro proved he was every bit underhanded but far more outrageous. Let’s see a riff on “The Godfather,” with Jabba as the main guy who doles out punishment for those that don’t pay back. An entire movie about Jabba would get a bit redundant, but as support with plenty of colorful background characters could take the lead and do some awesome anti-hero stories from the crowd who doesn’t give a flip about Jedi vs Sith, Empire vs Rebellion.

My imagination is going wild now:

ü  I’d love to see a big movie version of the Clone Wars wrapping up their storylines officially.

ü  An animated, Clone Wars-style of, “Shadows of the Empire.” Get the voices of the original kids, or the damn near, dead ringer sound-alikes.

ü  Many have said, “Rogue One” and “Rebels” is the last of Darth Vader. I don’t think so- I could easily see the purge as the basis for a Vader flick. Show how his hatred drives him and how he should have been dead from his lava bath. Do a film where he’s the main villain and chasing Jedi and show the relationship between him and Palpatine- its master/apprentice, but more of a slave owner/slave, while the subplot of the emerging Rebellion plays in the background.

Written by: Dan Turpin

Edited by: Krystee Anidem

Photo Editor: Krystee Anidem


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