Epic Battlefront Game Play Highlight Video

ogimage.imgHave I mentioned that I love the game Star Wars Battlefront?!  You say, “Only every day Red 5!”   Star Wars has always been my escape when life gets rough and Battlefront has been a great comfort to me. I don’t play well, but I love that it feels like I am right there in a galaxy far far away, and if I get a few good shots that’s just a bonus.

About 2 years ago I had a photography business with a great editing computer and software.  I made highlight videos for High School and youth sports teams. That computer died and I could not afford to replace it. Since then I’ve struggled with health issues and depression, but Star Wars has always been my escape.

I got the bug today to edit something. I used Windows Movie Maker on my laptop. I think it turned out OK. This is my blog this week – It speaks volumes without many written words.

All clips used are from MY gameplay. It is just some of my epic deaths, epic shots, and some Star Wars iconic scenery found in the game.

You can find me on XBox One as Red5Mom, stop by and game with me some time. I guarantee you will do better than I will but the best part is we will have fun.  I also stream live on twitch once in a while, always a good laugh or two when that happens.

Hugs and May the Force be with you….always

Red 5 Mom standing by

My Twitch Channel Epic Deaths of Red5Mom


3 thoughts on “Epic Battlefront Game Play Highlight Video

      • I highly doubt that happens between XBox & PS, especially since PS Plus is cheaper than XBox Live. I don’t see Microsoft acquiescing to a competitive disadvantage like that…sure would be rad though…

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