Darth Vader: Who was He after Death Star 1?

It is a time when the impossible can happen; when a small, insignificant, and radical rebel army can take down the most advanced and devastating weapon in the galaxy. Take a hand full of brass balled x-wing pilots with a young farm boy flying free with the Force at his back, and you have a recipe to make a delicious Death Star omelet. After the Dark Lord failed to stop the rebels, ol’ papa Palps started to lose faith in his 7 foot tall asthmatic apprentice.

Darth Vader 001-000
Now we dive into the comic book world of Darth Vader. The series Marvel has been printing, and doing nothing less than a spectacular job, in my opinion, we find Vader on Tatooine visiting an ol’ slimy friend in his lavishly putrid palace. Let’s get one thing straight, Vader doesn’t take any guff. Jabba also doesn’t seem to understand who he’s dealing with, calling him Jedi…HA! Vader don’t take to kindly to that talk, so he force chokes him, and eliminates his muscle single-handedly. All Vader wanted was a good recommendation for a bounty hunter. None other than the great Boba Fett is sent to find and bring the unnamed pilot that took out the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. Before Vader Leaves his childhood home, he needs to cleanse his soul by slaughtering another Tuskin raider village, and not just the men, the women and children too.

Darth Vader 001-0312

We also find that Palpy, dare I say, is being a bit of a douche to Vader. He’s meeting with some cyborg fella, and giving Vader the cold shoulder. Vader does not care to be treated like a child. He is dispatched to the Annihilator to have his leash held by “Grand General Tagge” himself. The man who skipped out when he smelled that things weren’t so solid with the Death Star. The Dark Lord has no respect for a man like Tagge; he lacks vision and cunning, the attributes that Tarkin possessed. Vader will do his duty none the less, but not without pursuing his own agenda as well. Vader does end up recruiting Dr. Aphra, a smart mouthed, genius computer splicer that does Vader’s bidding, out of fear and respect. She doesn’t come empty handed might I add, oh no, she comes with 2 homicidal droids, BT-1 and Triple-0. Now that Vader has assembled his little band, it is time for the Dark Lord to start implementing strategy.

Darth Vader 001-0262

So throughout volume one of this comic book series, Ol’ Palps is fed up and putting baby Vader in the corner, and even hiring some new muscle to replace our tall drink of water. Vader on the other hand isn’t worried in the slightest about his new found competition. I’ll tell you one thing, since running into the boy who not only had HIS lightsaber, a lightsaber he hasn’t held since he had the flesh and blood hands of Anakin Skywalker, and the boy who blew up the Death Star with an affinity for the Force to match his own, Vader has his own mission to complete and has no need to worry about the bullsith his master is cooking up. The one thing that Palpatine never saw coming were Anakin’s children arriving back into the fold to throw a wrench in his gears.

Darth Vader 001-0252

Who was this pilot? Who was this kid who had the lightsaber of Anakin Skywalker? Why did he feel so familiar to Vader? Well let’s leave to the best damn bounty hunter in the galaxy! Boba Fett comes back into the fray, finding out the identity of our Rebel pilot and relaying the message to Lord Vader. Our tall, dark and brooding sith lord seems to take this information very lightly…..NOT!!! We now have motivation folks! Vader is pissed, and old papa Palp’s better watch it because Vader knows the truth and also knows he has been played this whole time. So who is Darth Vader after the destruction of Death Star One? Vader is very much like the Wu-Tang clan, because as of now, he ain’t no one to f&%* with.

Written by: Daniel Miller

Edited by: Krystee Anidem

Photo Editor: Krystee Anidem

Art by: Salvador Larroca, Edgar Delgado for Marvel, Lucasfilm, Disney


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