Honor the Force in a Flash! Rogue One Update!

Thomas Loftin (Honor the Force/TGR Contributor)
After months of waiting, Lucasfilm finally released the first Rogue One trailer early Thursday morning. Fans have been frothing at the mouth for any news or insight into this standalone film, and apparently the wait was worth it. However, new speculation begins…


Felicity Jones character will be named Jyn Erso.

Shadowtroopers will appear.

Mon Mothma will return.

Donnie Yen will be a badass.



Who is the Grand Admiral? It can’t be Thrawn can it? His skin isn’t blue.

Was that Vader taking a knee near the Royal Guards?

What the heck were those hairy arms (on the left @1:05) as the Stormtroopers marched through the streets?

See some images below from the trailer and check back with HonorTheForce.com for more Rogue One updates as they are released.


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Written by: Thomas Loftin

Edited by: Krystee Anidem
Image Editing by: Pete Wadsworth
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