Dan Rants


I looooooooooved the season finale of Star Wars Rebels!!! Maul is back into the fold, Ezra has himself a bright and shiny Sith holocron. Ashoka and Vader, AKA Flyboy [SkyGuy], square off in a long awaited battle. Kanan now plays the role of Master Rahm Kota as the blind Jedi, and The Imperial Inquisitors can use their lightsabers as apache helicopters!!! NOOOO!!! Please do not ruin the most elegant weapon in the galaxy by turning it into a giant spinning glow stick at a Dead Mou5 concert!!! I’m not one for the keyboard, this video will help you understand my discretion…

giphy (5)


Heli-Sabers.  Are you kidding me?!  Watch Dan’s rant about the much debated heli-sabers here: Katch.me

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