Sitting with Starlord Presents: A Coffee with Kenobi Interview…



Without a doubt if you are a Star Wars fan and are into podcasts you have probably heard of one of the greats today, Coffee with Kenobi. Since 2013, the staff of this epic podcast has been entertaining as well as informing Star Wars fans keeping them up to date with the latest news and happenings from the galaxy far, far away…

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Our Han Solo Nostalgia Will Never Die #0005

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Wishful thinking will never die, and that is something Star Wars fans are definitely known for. Over the span of nearly four decades we saw the original trilogy, the expanded universe, the prequel trilogy, the Star Wars handover from George Lucas to Kathleen Kennedy, the controversy of canon and legend and the beginning of a new pathway of Star Wars ventures and enterprises. Continue reading

A Matter of Interpretation

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One of the things I personally enjoy the most about Star Wars is the discussions. Just talking to people about Star Wars in general, I get all sorts of differing points of view about the lore of the Force. There are so many outlooks and perceptions. Since the Force has this little exclusivity like in most religion, things are pretty much a matter of interpretation. In the same way people tend to perceive things on a rather individual basis. Continue reading

The Weekly Scoundrel Presents -Tusken Raiders: Misunderstood Natives or Savage Beasts

Sand People
I know what you’re thinking, “but Bryan, there weren’t any Tuskens in The Force Awakens, that was Jakku, not Tatooine, who cares?” Well, I do. And, therefore, you should too (yeah, I’m egotistical like that sometimes). But, seriously, I happened to see a Twitter reply from the man himself, Pablo Hidalgo, concerning the impetus behind the Tusken Raiders’ capture of Shmi Skywalker, and it lead me to some deep contemplation about just who the Tusken Raiders really are (or were…we don’t know how busy Vader was on Tatooine in the comics when he’s laying waste to them for the second time…maybe he wiped them out?).
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