Twilight is upon us…

Written by Pete Wadsworth and Krystee Anidem

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After a fantastic second season, “Twilight of the Apprentice” the Star Wars Rebels season two finale aired last night. Many fans were left in awe including all of us at TGR. The finale was an epic ride that concluded the season with not just a bang, but a Death Star size explosion of content.  It left us with so much to debate and contemplate over the remainder of the year.

Mr. Dave Filoni and his staff have once again managed to give the fans exactly what we want. Recently, he had a lot to say about his great contributions to the Star Wars universe. Check out the video below of a recent Q and A session he and his talented staff participated in.

Some of us here at TGR have decided to share our own thoughts about the season finale…

Pete Wadsworth:

This episode raises a lot of questions, also the past of the current canon timeline as well as the future! I can’t say enough about this episode everything was flawless, the story was fantastic, great score and great conclusion that leaves you wanting more! The current story arc plays into the hearts and minds of both the casual SW fan as well as the hardcore fan alike. One thing is for sure, Rebels last season should be very interesting to say the least. The question that I have to ask is, what about that Sith holocron?! Who’s is it? Bane’s? I must also state that the Sith lore in this episode was incredible leaving me wanting more! Still love all the RMQ concepts included in Rebels!!!!

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Dan Spina: 

Watching the season 2 finale of Star Wars Rebels is an exercise in balancing excitement and nervousness at a level rarely reached by other pieces of fiction. But, due to the huge nature of the Star Wars Universe, there is only a certain segment of the audience that will feel this way. For fans who may not be as familiar with the depth of history in the Galaxy Far Far Away, “Twilight of the Apprentice” is an excellent finale to a season that tried to balance an over arching story of Rebels being hunted by the Empire with many episodes to develop the characters of the Ghost crew. This episode did exactly what a good finale should do: answering questions, setting up new ones, providing spectacle, and leaving us wondering how the events will affect these characters moving forward. Now, for those more familiar with the lore that has been built over the last decade, Twilight of the Apprentice wasn’t just a finale for the second season of Rebels, but rather a continuation of stories and characters that we have been following since The Clone Wars movie premiered in theaters in the fall of 2008. By combining stories and providing confrontations between some of The Clone Wars biggest characters as well as intertwining them with the Rebels, it makes the world feel massive. If you have been following Clone Wars through Rebels, this is the “season finale” you’ve been waiting for. Every time Ahsoka and Vader clashed, I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation and dread. And this excitement wasn’t reserved just for Clone Wars fans. They gave hints as well to the expanded universe that will be very cool to follow. So did I enjoy it? Absolutely! The wait for the next season could not be more difficult, Now excuse me, I have to go watch the finale just one more time.


Alex Chellberg:

So what does it all mean? Ahsoka is still alive. Ezra is juicing off a sith holocron. Kanan is an 1800’s blind samurai. Maul sacrificed his Battle Station plans so that he can get a sweet Vader Tie. And Vader, he’s just walking away in a long slow reflection on his life. At least Ahsoka went into a temple for knowledge; we all know KNOWLEDGE IS POWER…so said an average bill, I believe. Star Wars author Adam Bray told be that the bird/owl thing looming over Vader is “a convoree. They appeared a lot in the Clone Wars. I think we first saw them in an Ahsoka-centric episode” They also appeared in the previous episode to the season 2 finale, “The Mystery of Chopper Base” where one, clearly not the same one, flew over Ezra as he gazed into the sky on Chopper Base. I honestly expected bad omens to be brought into the rebels by the Convoree, and so I am surprised that the Convoree would see Vader, then fly towards Ahsoka. Does this mean something? Is this Huge? I do not know. But Ezra obtaining and opening the Sith Holocron is NOT A GOOD THING.

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Krystee Anidem:

Oh. M. Gee!!!  So much to say and I’m so terrible at summing up everything because I’m still flying high on the peak of this emotional roller coaster!  What can I say? This episode was incredible!  Visually striking and sonically poignant, “Twilight of the Apprentice” had me on the edge of my seat slack jawed and wide eyed from beginning to end.  There are so many fantastic moments I could talk about but for me, the pinnacle of this episode was Vader speaking Ahsoka’s name after she had cleaved his mask in half, exposing a portion of his face.  This scene elicited so many varying emotions simultaneously that I may or may not have melted into a puddle of goo on the floor. I’m also pretty sure I sacrificed a piece of my soul to Dave Filoni which I willingly offer up in exchange for story telling of this caliber!



I have raised 4 children, 3 to adulthood and one who just turned 13, so I have watched my share of animated entertainment.  Most of what my kids watched was stuff I enjoyed watching too.  As part of my reawakening in Star Wars fandom I binge watched The Clone Wars and then started in on Rebels.  I never imagined I could care so much about characters in a cartoon.  But I realized that they are part of a beloved story that has been a part of my entire life.

I enjoyed the EU (now legends) stories.  However, I am excited to see where the new story group is taking Star Wars and I am enjoying every minute.  A fan can be as immersed as they want with all the content to choose from.  I love when Asoka says “There is always a bit of truth in legends.”  In this episode we get a lot of legends call backs.

So my reaction to the season 2 finale of Rebels:  It was the best episode I have seen yet.  All the previous season and episodes have been leading up to this finale.  As soon as we saw Asoka we knew she would confront Vader someday.  Vader arriving on the top of his tie fighter like a boss was EPIC!  I really wanted Maul to be on the side of the rebels.  He had me fooled!  He deceived me and our heroes like the slimy Sith he is.  The reveal of Anakin’s face in the mask and Asoka’s reaction was heart breaking. And Kevin Kiner’s soundtrack was so moving.  I just loved the mix of Asoka’s theme and Imperial March during Vader and Asoka’s fight.  The last few scenes had no dialogue, just his epic score.

I really believe that the Force is trying to manipulate events to bring balance.  Those inquisitors were not they’re looking for Kanan and Ezra, they were hunting Maul.  Yoda sent them to Malachor to get the same holocron Maul is looking for, and Vader was looking for it as well.  Perhaps events did not turn out the way the Force wanted.

This was a dark episode and several characters die.  I want to give kudos to Filoni for protecting sensitive hearts with his presentation.  The 7th sister’s death is implied when we seen her knees fall to the ground.  Ezra is not the one who does it, Maul is, and Ezra is chided by Maul for his hesitation.  Our heats are in conflict for Ezra.  Did we want him to kill her?  Kanan’s eyes are wounded and he hides them with an ancient mask.  The inquisitor brothers fall from the temple wall.  Finally we see Vader wounded and limping and Asoka’s fate is a mystery.  Is she walking back into the temple?  Or is she falling to her knees in death?  Perhaps the next season will pick up with the continuation of the battle between Asoka and Anakin.

Here are my questions:  Is Asoka dead? Will there be an Asoka lives 2.0? Did Kanan get blinded or was he just wounded? Did the new inquisitor survive his fall? Will Ezra build a new lightsaber, and what will it look like? What is the future of the Rebel cell now that Asoka is gone and Kanan is injured? What did Asoka mean when she said she would not leave Anakin again? What is going to happen to Maul now and will we see him again?  What was the weapon Maul was trying to turn on?  And what happened to create all the pompei like bodies on Malachor?  Who was the female voice when Ezra put the holocron in the temple?

And finally….EZRA OPENED THE SITH HOLOCRON!!! He is extremely upset when they escape Malachor.  I don’t ever remember Ezra crying that much.  He has let his emotions take over.  In that final scene, Ezra is holding the Sith holocron, the top of the pyramid is separating from the rest of the holocron.  Only dark force powers can open a Sith holocron.  I believe that like Anakin, Luke, Kylo and Rey, Ezra is strong in both the light side and the dark side of the Force.  Finding balance will be his challenge.

On the lighter side.  Some of the TGR roundtable gang had an issue with a certain animated element in this episode (#helisabers).  I’m an OLD-riginal fan, and I have to admit I had my own issues with the concept.  So I thought about it and I had to go back and look at it with the eyes of a 7 to 10-year-olds.  I can see kids with the toy Inquisitor saber who are now running around pretending to fly.  I bet they think it’s COOL.  I can see kids pretending that they can use them to fly even before Rebels introduced it.  Perhaps that is where Filoni got the idea in the first place?  Now the buzz saw….nope, nope, nope, that was stupid.  But in the end folks, it’s a CARTOON FOR KIDS.  I’m just glad I am enough of a kid at heart to enjoy it.

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Some final thoughts, “Twilight of the Apprentice” has bridged many gaps in the Star Wars universe and concurrently expanded its scope.  This episode truly introduces us to Darth Vader; a cruel and vicious Sith Lord, harnessing the true power of the dark side and utterly abandoning his previous identity of Anakin Skywalker. Darth Maul, now just plain “Maul” has his own agenda. Set on wiping out all who have wronged him and any who oppose him, Sith and Jedi alike, part-time Jedi (ha ha), included. Will the fleeting moments he spent with Ezra have a lasting effect on the impulsive padawan? What of Kanan’s future as a now blind Jedi?  How will this experience change the dynamics of the crew? What of Ahsoka? She returns to the temple in the final shot, but for what? As expected, we’re left with more questions than answers but we’re not complaining!

We want to hear from you!  Leave your thoughts in the comments to continue the discussion!


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