TGR weekly update!!!! A New Year and a new website!!!


A new year brings new exciting times for everyone and especially here at TGR! Tom Spina of Tom Spina Designs will be on the show in two weeks and also artist Robert Martinez!!!!! I want to thank Thomas Loftin for coming on the show this past Sunday and if you have not listened to the episode yet we were talking about the force in all aspects, it was a blast! It is available here!!!!


Krystee and Dan have been working hard for the last week to get this site up and running and we have new sponsors like Nerd Alert and also the guys or at give them a look!!!!! As far as being a Star Wars fan this year is going to be as epic as the last. We have the rest of rebels to look forward to and also Rogue One at the end of the year as well, ah great times!!! Have a great week my friends and give us a shout anytime!!!!! Mtfbwy you guys always!!!

The TGR Staff….


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