TGR Star Wars Hour Episode 2

The Force Awakens is almost upon us, but you don’t have to wait any longer for Ep 2 of the show. In this super sized episode we dive into all of the material released so far in order to speculate on exactly what may happen in TFA. While there are no spoiler for the movie (we don’t have any inside info) there are tons of spoilers for all the books, shorts stories and comics released so far. While you’re waiting in line for the film, make sure you have TGR Star Wars Hour queued up and ready to listen to!

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TGR Star Wars Hour: Episode I

Its out first episode! We introduce you to some of our superfan hosts and dive into a couple news stories from last week. Plus, what will Luke be like in The Force Awakens? We speculate a bit about this mysteriously missing character. We have a few audio issues to iron out so please excuse the occasional drop in quality.

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